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Big Data Quality a Big Problem for One in Five Developers - New Evans Data Survey Shows

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (December 15, 2014) -- Data quality and volume are the primary problems affecting developers while exploring the evolving concept of Big Data, according to Evans Data Corporation’... Read More →

Developers say Tools and Cloud are Key to Continuous Delivery New Evans Data Survey Shows

SANTA CRUZ, CA. December 8, 2014 – The tools being used are the most important factor in controlling software development project costs, trumping even management decisions or requirements - but only... Read More →

Security and Encryption Are Particular Sticking Points for Cloud Developers – New Evans Data survey shows

SANTA CRUZ, CA. September 26, 2014 – Security is often an immediate concern for developers extending their cloud applications to mobile clients. In fact, security is clearly cloud developers’ top... Read More →

Need for Real-Time Complex Event Processing is the Norm for Big Data Developers, New Evans Data Survey Shows

SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 29, 2014, In a recent global survey of software developers working on Big Data and Advanced Analytics, 71% said they have a need in their applications for real-time complex event ... Read More →
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Adding Intelligence Just Got a Lot Easier

For years popular culture has been predicting the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in formats ranging from science fiction to practical implementations. Now, weve evolved past plain vanilla AI to cognitive computing. Whats the difference? Well, cognitive computing takes elements of AI and combines them with machine learning algorithms to create systems that can do most of the functions of the human brain, including making inferences, sensing relationships, making predictions and otherwise using rational thought processes... Read More →

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