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Developers Eye Biometrics for Mobile App Security - New Evans Data Mobile Development Survey Shows

SANTA CRUZ, CA. August 24, 2016, Security is the top concern of developers creating apps for mobile devices and biometric authentication is viewed as the most promising current technology for improvin... Read More →

Custom Code Problems are Primary Issue with Cloud App Performance

SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 27, 2016, Despite speculation that network latency or the nature or performance of virtual machines are the biggest drag on Cloud application performance, Evans Data’s recently ... Read More →

Developer Population to Reach 25 Million by 2021

SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 12, 2016, The worldwide developer population will reach 25 million by 2021 according to Evans Data’s recently released Global Developer Population and Demographics Report. The ... Read More →

Over a Third of Big Data Developers Working with Machine Learning

SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 6, 2016, Over a third (36%) of all developers who are actively working on Big Data or advanced analytics projects now use elements of machine learning according to Evans Data’s ... Read More →
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Platforms and Developers

Thirty years ago the term platform was used almost exclusively to mean operating system. As the underlying software layer, operating systems provided the "platform" on which applications ran. However, it's been a long time since the term was restricted in that manner. Today, there are many types of "platforms" including servers, devices, Cloud services, and the use of various APIs. In fact any company that publishes an API can be said to have a platform. Read More →

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