2009 Developers Relation Conference Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

The Evans Data Developer Relations Conference will feature professionals from industry leading companies. Here is a sample of what you will learn from our stellar keynote presenters:

John Andrews (View Bio)
President & CEO
Evans Data Corporation

Developer Programs: **Understanding the ROI Balancing Act

John will present key findings from recent research which examines the key performance metrics being used by the top developer program professionals and how these may be applied to your organization.

James Reinders (View Bio)
Director of Marketing and Sales
Intel Software Development Products

How to appeal to software developers in the multicore era

Staying current is a critical element in having effective developer programs. Multicore and the upcoming manycore processors represent significant change for our industry. Learn what you can and should be doing to help software developers with this transition. You will come away with a better understanding of this trend and it implications. You will be able to draw your own conclusions about what has been called the 'biggest sea of change' for software in decades. Learn what it means when some say that 'scaling' is the next free lunch. James will highlight Intel's use of community forums, customer loyalty programs, and channel programs to increase returns while staying relevant during this shift. Don't miss the chance to get a very current view of where we are, where we are going, and what you can do to better appeal and satisfy software developers seeking solutions.

Patrick Chanezon (View Bio)
API Evangelist

Google Opening Up to Developers: From 3 to 40 APIs in 2 years

In the past 2 years Google has gone from offering 3 SOAP APIs to its core services, Ads and Search, to more than 40 APIs using various technologies (REST, Ajax, Java) and covering a wide array of developer needs, with two main themes: giving developers programmatic access to Google services, and making the web better through standards and open source offerings (GWT, Gears). In 2007 Google started cooperating with other industry players to create new standard platforms in areas where they were needed: OpenSocial for social applications and Android for Mobile. During these 2 years Google has grown a team dedicated to developer relations.

Mark Yolton (View Bio)
Senior Vice President, SAP Community Network

Developer Networks: Danger and Opportunity in Times of Crisis and Prosperity

Whether your company is thriving or struggling in the current economic environment, an active developer network should be part of your comprehensive business strategy. And in times of feast and of famine, active developer communities can pose opportunities if orchestrated well and dangers if mishandled. Using the experience of SAP - which has a thriving developer network of 1.5 million members in 200 countries and territories - learn how might you execute programs, policies, and practices to maximize the upside benefits of loyal collaborators and minimize the risks of a vocal and active core of technologists.

Srikanth Raju (View Bio)

Director of Marketing, Forum Nokia

Activating the Long Tail in the Era of Mobile Services

The developer community's importance as a source of innovation and value has never been greater. As mobile devices become more powerful, developing for mobile platforms means more than just developing for a device. Some of today's most popular platforms offer compelling opportunities in web and Internet services, as well.

In this keynote, Srikanth will discuss key "game changers" that are helping to usher in a new era of innovation in mobile services and what it means for cross platform development (hint: it's more important than ever).

The keynote will end with specific case studies from the field that show that these services aren't just for a select few. They are being built for and used by people all over the world, in emerging and emerged markets alike.

Jean Elliott (View Bio)

Senior Director, Cloud Computing
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Back to School

What does it take to make the grade with the academic community as part of your developer relations program? And why should you bother?

Christy Wyatt (View Bio)

Vice President, Software Applications and Ecosystem

Beyond a Buzzword: How the Industry Is Embracing Open Source with Android

Conference Date
March 16-17, 2009
Doubletree Hotel
San Jose, California

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