Users' Choice: Software Development Platforms
May 2013
Software Development Platforms - 2013 Rankings

In the spring of 2013, Evans Data Corp conducted a worldwide survey of developers with the intent of documenting user satisfaction with the features of various tools and platforms for software development. This was the sixth year that we've conducted this user satisfaction survey. In the past it was entitled and positioned as an "IDE" study, though the current market no longer constrains vendors' offerings to an IDE but instead requires a full suite of tools that extend from architecting to development to testing and often beyond. For our 2013 survey, over 1300 developers participated with a proportional spread across geographical regions. The survey was conducted online and was translated and posted in French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and simplified Chinese, as well as in English.

The top Software Development Platforms ranked:
  • Eclipse
  • Flash Builder
  • IBM Rational Tool Suite
  • JBoss Developer Studio
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • MyEclipse
  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Zend Studio
  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
Feature/Capabilities that the Software Development Platforms were ranked on:
  • App Modeling tools
  • Web Design/Development Tools
  • Support for Parallel Programming
  • Support for multiple servers
  • Ability to integrate tools
  • Availability of 3rd party tools
  • Quality of Tech Support
  • Size/quality of developer community
  • Sample apps
  • Runtime memory analysis tools
  • Visual tools and declarative support
  • Ready to use out of box experience
  • Database development tools
  • Integration with databases
  • Support for frameworks
  • Support for remote development
  • Requirements management
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